SpaUnique ~ Monique Wisniewski - Licensed Esthetician/Laser Technician/Esthetic Consultant
“The Experience at SpaUnique Is sensational! You are provided with individualized attention addressing the urgent matters concerning your skin, that most estheticians cannot articulate. No preservatives and No artificial ingredients in the product that are distributed for your own benefit, (ingredients that you can pronounce). Don't trust the industry, trust a business that will prioritize your needs and your circumstances based on diligence, integrity, resiliency, and hard work without any ordeals. Spa Unique has evidently achieved these accomplishments of making the customer first. Authentic service and treatments with explanation's transferring your skin into feeling beyond impeccable ever than before. If my Skin was alleviated to its perfection I can assure yours will be as well.'"

Thank You Very Much, Spa unique!
Aidan W-C

“SpaUnique has been the "The Saving Grace" for my face. My sun spots have disappeared, my fine lines have disappeared as well. My skin is hydrated, healthy and flawless. Peels, laser and their fabulous natural products have taken years off my face!"
Jenn A.

"I'm Very Happy with the experience I've had at SpaUnique. Monique Knows everything about skin. she's taken years off my face, and her Vitamin Infused Moisturizer is fantastic!"
Rue M.

"Amazing! I love the ambience at Spa Unique. She is so knowledgeable and makes feel comfy when getting treatment. I use the Vitamin Infused  Moisturizer - Best moisturizer ever!"
Laura A.P

"The attention I have received at SpaUnique is impeccable. My Questions and concerns are Always addressed, and my skin has never been better!"

Thank You, Monique.
Carol H.

Oliver E.

I went to an Art event at SpaUnique in Southampton and ended up winning the complete line of Skincare by Jeunesse Skincare of the Hamptons made exclusively for Spa Unique.  Being someone who has used the same products on my skin for years, I didn't know if I would like or need the change.  Wow was I wrong!  From the first time I used the Honey cleanser, spray toner, and the geranium based moisturizer I was HOOKED and my face smells amazing every morning and evening.  I truly feel like I'm doing something good for my skin and the scents are relaxing and soothing.
Brittany T. 

Monique is amazing at her job . She is gentle , attentive and professional . Her equipment is cutting edge and she is always learning more to be at the top of her profession . Her office is very clean , warm and inviting . In an hour session she has transformed my skin and made it so much more healthy . I am even , tighter and have a glow ! The best part is anything she does , I walk out and there is no down time . I just look amazing and ready to go ! Being in my early 40's, I will continue to go to Monique so I can retain my youthful glow . Her products smell so good and do wonders . My 13 year old son comes to her as well and his skin is 100 percent better . So grateful .
Amy H.
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